Our Values

We seek to align fully with the character, purposes, and priorities of God.

Our Values 

Core values solidify, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the vision and purpose for the local church. They create a momentum in the spirit that results in spiritual advancement, and they are maintained by spiritual warfare. These 10 values reside at the core of our heart as a church.


Because God created us and Jesus died for us so we might have a relationship with Him.


Including covenant commitments between husbands and wives.


Through loving relationships that honor God.  


Raising our children in the household of God and in the presence of the Lord, and proving to be examples of Christ.


As a celebration of God’s in-habitation of His people’s praise .


As an essential aspect of a believer’s spiritual life and lifestyle.

Life Impact Groups

Small Ministry Groups as the center of building community in the local body.


In order to mature a believer’s walk with the Lord.

Servant Leadership

By biblically sound, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled people.


In every area of ministry in order to bless the Lord and inspire His people.

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